Illustration of Superradiance; a helical light beam
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Revolution in physics: scientists have identified a form of generalised superradiation

In a way, superradiance is the ne plus ultra of radiation. Its powerful light is critical for many experiments in a broad range of scientific fields, but it has also been notoriously difficult to generate. Now, with the help of “Piz Daint” at CSCS in Switzerland and PRACE resources, a group of scientists has expanded the concept of superradiance and found a way to more easily generate the valuable radiation. They are calling the novel concept “generalised superradiance”.

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SC20 horizontal

Visit the virtual PRACE booth @SC20

Special times require new concepts: PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, is pleased to participate in SC20’s online exhibition with a virtual booth. This exhibition will be held from 17 to 19 November

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PRACEdays21 Call for Posters is closed

PRACEdays21 Call for Posters – is closed PRACE invites you to present the results of your research or innovation in a poster. Submissions should take the form of an extended abstract (one page), detailing the

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Project Access Success Stories

HPC software developments help to break cryptography records

Data sent over the internet relies on public key cryptographical systems to remain secure. Paul Zimmermann of INRIA has been leading a project that has been carrying out record computations of integer factorisation and the discrete logarithm problem, the results of which are used as a benchmark for setting the length of the keys needed to keep such systems secure.

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