Snapshots from the classical molecular dynamics simulation show several lead ions bound to hemicellulose along the unbinding path — an energetically strongly unfavourable process.
Project Access Success Stories

Exploring a new measure against heavy metal pollution: Simulations show how bio-waste materials can capture heavy metals in water

Organic waste such as fruit peels or spent coffee grounds can capture toxic heavy metal pollutants in water — a capability which could help to clean contaminated drinking water, especially in developing countries. Now scientists from France and Switzerland performed molecular simulations using PRACE supercomputing resources to gain insight into the mechanisms at play, and to lay the groundwork for a systematic employment of these important processes.

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PRACE Summer of HPC 2020 Award Ceremony

Serge Bogaerts, PRACE Managing Director, was delighted to present the PRACE Summer of HPC Awards 2020 to Antonios-Kyrillos Chatzimichail, Igor Abramov, and Josip Bobinac during an online award ceremony held on Wednesday 30 June 2021

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Wake flow of a hydrokinetic turbine with helical vortices arising from the tips of the rotating turbine blades
Project Access Success Stories

Energy from the Oceans: simulations help to design efficient tidal turbine farms

Ocean tides deliver a reliable source of renewable energy that can be harvested with hydrokinetic turbine farms. It is, however, not fully clear yet how a turbine affects the efficiency of another turbine placed in its wake. To better understand this, scientists at the Institute of Marine Engineering in Rome recently performed Large-Eddy Simulations using PRACE resources to analyse a turbine’s wake flow. They not only found valuable insights for efficient hydrokinetic farms, but they also created a basis for more accurate modelling of whole turbine farms.

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snapshot from simulation

Scientists explore lipid metabolism with simulations and experiments

Proper regulation of lipid metabolism and storage is critical for our health. A central role in this is played by so-called lipid droplets, which are a sort of storage system for lipids and also serve as cellular energy suppliers. To better understand these droplets and how they may affect the development of diseases, Biophysicist Stefano Vanni performed molecular dynamics simulations using PRACE supercomputing resources. The results shed new light on the vital work of phospholipids, and on the mysterious protein seipin.

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Press Releases

Latest news from the world of high-performance computing

The EuroHPC Summit Week 2021 (EHPCSW) took place as a fully digital event this year, evoking the spirit of the fast-paced domain of discovery and invention enabled by high-performance computing that continues to gather momentum even as the world itself has had to drastically change pace. Now, we are happy to bring you the EHPCSW 2021 Executive Summary, providing full coverage and analysis of the latest in the world of European supercomputing.

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Access to EuroHPC systems now open

With the first EU supercomputer now operational, the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) is officially ready to accept the first applications to access Vega’s HPC system computing power. From April 2021, access time

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Robothand holds Euro-coin
SHAPE Success Stories

A scalable HPC platform for AI algorithms in finance

Big data and artificial intelligence are the revolutionising the world of FinTech. Italian company Axyon AI have developed a proprietary platform that uses machine learning techniques to deliver high-performing investment strategies, and a recent SHAPE project has helped them develop this even further by harnessing the power of HPC clusters.

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