PRACE 5th Call for Proposals for Project Access

Types of Access: Project Access

Opening Date: 17/04/2012 @ 15:45

Closing Date: 30/05/2012 @ 12:00 Brussels Time

Time until call closes:

Full Call Details:

Call for proposals for 5th PRACE Project Access and Multi-year Access (Tier-0) and synchronized DECI-9 Call (Tier-1)

PRACE awarded time on 6 Tier-0 high-performance computers to 57 research projects, some of which have been allocated record-amounts of core hours.

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The joint Call for Proposals can be found here.

PRACE systems available in this call

Six Tier-0 machines were available:

  • IBM Blue Gene/Q “JUQUEEN” (GCS@Jülich, Germany)
  • Bull Bullx cluster “CURIE” (GENCI@CEA, France)
  • Cray XE6 “HERMIT” (GCS@HLRS, Germany)
  • “SuperMUC” (GCS@LRZ, Germany)
  • “MareNostrum” (BSC, Spain)
  • “FERMI” (CINECA, Italy)

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Reports of projects will appear here.


Results of projects will appear here.