PRACE 21st Call for Proposals for Project Access

Types of Access: Project Access

Opening Date: 03/03/2020 @ 09:00

Closing Date: 05/05/2020 @ 10:00 Brussels Time

Time until call closes:

Full Call Details:

Applicants’ reply to scientific reviews: Mid-July 2020
Submission of Progress Reports (Multi-year Projects) / Final Reports (Single-year Projects): 03 of June 2020 @ 10:00 CEST
Communication of allocation decision: End of September 2020
Allocation period for awarded proposals: 01/10/2020 – 30/09/2021
Type of Access (*): Single-year Project Access and Multi-year Project Access

(*) All proposals consist of 2 parts: An online form and the ‘Project scope and plan’. Please note that if you wish to continue work on a project that has finished or is ongoing, a new proposal (i.e. a continuation proposal) needs to be submitted in addition to a final/progress report.

Industry Access: Call 21 offers Principal Investigators from industry the possibility to apply for Single-year access to a special Industry Track which prioritises 10% of the total resources available (see Section 3.1.2 – Eligibility criteria for commercial companies in Call 21 “Terms of Reference” document).

The computer systems (called Tier-0 systems) and their operations that are accessible through PRACE are provided for this 21st call by 5 PRACE hosting members: GENCI representing France, GCS representing Germany, CINECA representing Italy, BSC representing Spain and ETH Zurich / CSCS representing Switzerland.

Scientists and researchers can apply for access to PRACE resources. Industrial users can apply if they have their head offices or substantial R&D activity in Europe.

The Call is open to:
Project Access: Proposals can be based on a 12-months schedule (Single-year Projects), or, on a 24- or 36-months schedule (Multi-year Projects). The allocation of awarded resources is made 1 year at a time with provisional allocations awarded for the 2nd and 3rd year.

Additionally, the Call:

  • Reserves 0.5% of the total resources available for this call for Centres of Excellence (CoE) as selected by the European Commission under the E-INFRA-5-2015 call for proposals.
  • Includes an Industry Access track that prioritises 10% of the total resources available for this call for proposals for Single-year projects with a Principal Investigator from industry.

The PRACE Access Committee, composed of leading international scientists and engineers, ranks the proposals received and produces a recommendation to award PRACE resources based on scientific and technical excellence.

Call related documents

The following documents form the reference for this call:

  • The Terms of Reference can be found here.
  • The Technical Guidelines for Applicants can be found here.
  • The form for the Project Scope and Plan can be found here.
System Architecture Site
Core Hours
(node hours)
Minimum request
(core hours)
HAWK HPE Apollo GCS@HLRS (DE) 345 million
(2.7 million)
35 millon
Joliot-Curie KNL BULL Sequana X1000 GENCI@CEA (FR) 88 million
(1.4 million)
15 million
Joliot-Curie Rome BULL Sequana XH2000 GENCI@CEA (FR) 459 million
(3.6 million)
15 million
Joliot-Curie SKL BULL Sequana X1000 GENCI@CEA (FR) 124 million
(2.6 million)
15 million
JUWELS Booster BULL Sequana XH2000 GCS@JSC (DE) 35.04 million (*)
(0.73 million)
5.76 million(*)
JUWELS Cluster BULL Sequana X1000 GCS@JSC (DE) 70 million
(1.5 million)
35 million
Marconi100 IBM Power 9 AC922 Whiterspoon CINECA (IT) 660 million (*)
(1.875 million)
35 million
Use of GPUs
MareNostrum 4 Lenovo System BSC (ES) 240 million 30 million
Piz Daint Cray XC50 System ETH Zurich/CSCS (CH) 510 million
(7.5 million)
68 million
Use of GPUs
SuperMUC-NG Lenovo ThinkSystem GCS@LRZ (DE) 121 million
(2.5 million)
35 million

(*) Please consult Section 2 of the Terms of Reference for important details on the availability and technical aspects of this system.


Reports of projects will appear here.


Results of projects will appear here.