PRACE Industrial Seminar 2013

5th PRACE Executive Industrial Seminar – HPC Changing Europe’s Industrial Landscape, 15th and 16th April 2013, Bad Boll, Stuttgart, Germany

A seminar designed for key decision makers in the area of modelling, numerical simulation and technology

In the times of increasing global economic challenges, PRACE Industrial Seminar is heading to the cradle of the European car industry, nowadays a well-known cluster of high-tech and engineering industry as well as academic and research organisations. The 5th PRACE Industrial Seminar took place in Stuttgart, one of the most vibrant European industrial regions and home to a number of world-class companies. In Stuttgart, business meets the future.

During the event, we will demonstrate the results obtained by the companies using the PRACE infrastructure, review PRACE’s Industrial Offer and introduce PRACE’s Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC), as well as tackle a number of significant business and technological topics in the HPC industrial use area.

Within two half-days in the relaxing surroundings of Stuttgart, the event will provide answers to the following questions:

  • How your company could benefit from PRACE’s Industrial Open Research Access Programme
  • How HPC can help save time and money as well as improve quality and accuracy
  • How HPC application changes the behaviour of supply chains (i.e. customers and suppliers)

The Seminar will offer several key-note speakers from Europe’s leading innovative companies, introducing Europe’s most exciting HPC applications and how they have changed their organisations’ prototyping and simulation paradigms, together with thematic sessions on HPC industrial applications e.g. in the automotive or pharma industry.

PRACE Open Competition 2013

PRACE continues its effort to identify the most innovative HPC application in Europe. The objective of this contest is to award the boldest industrial HPC end-user application – we want to see how far one can take this technology in changing the present paradigms of HPC use by European industry. As usual, this competition is open to all fields of HPC and industrial sectors and is not necessary to take part in the Seminar in order to enter this contest.

This year’s competition (its second round) is open to end-user applications challenging the traditional way of doing business in Europe. We are looking for compelling HPC solutions submitted by industrial end-users that address a specific business problem within the industrial environment of the applicant, changing the operational patterns of their business.

PRACE-2IP Deliverable D9.2.2 – Fifth PRACE Industrial Seminar