PRACE HPC Infrastructure

The PRACE HPC infrastructure is made up eight Tier-0 and 17 Tier-1 connected via VPN.

Tier-0 Systems

Five countries and six partners provide the following Tier-0 systems, and allow a peak up to 77 PF/s:

CountrySite (Partner)HPC SystemRPeak (TF/s)
FranceCEA (GENCI)Joliot-Curie KNL2 300
FranceCEA (GENCI)Joliot-Curie Rome12 000
FranceCEA (GENCI)Joliot-Curie SKL6 600
GermanyJUELICH (FZJ)JUWELS Booster71 000
GermanyJUELICH (FZJ)JUWELS Cluster9 900
GermanyLRZ (GCS)SuperMUC-NG26 900
GermanyHLRS (GCS)HAWK25 200
ItalyCINECA (CINECA)Marconi10020 000
SpainBSC (BSC)MareNostrum 411 150
SwitzerlandCSCS (ETH)Piz Daint15 988.0

Pictures of PRACE Tier-0 Systems, as further described here.

Tier-1 Systems

12 countries and 12 partners provide the Tier-1 systems, and allow a peak up to 16,21 PF/s:
CountrySite (Partner)HPC SystemRPeak (TF/s)
Czech RepublicIT4I/VSB-TUO (VSB-TUO)Anselm66.0
Czech RepublicIT4I/VSB-TUO (VSB-TUO)Salomon2000.0
FranceIDRIS (GENCI)Turing1258.0
HungaryKIFU (KIFU)Leo254.0
HungaryKIFU (KIFU)PHItagoras27.0
IrelandICHEC (ICHEC)Kay665.0
NorwayUIO (Sigma2)Abel178.6
PolandCYFRONET (PSNC)Zeus (BigMem)61.2
PolandCYFRONET (PSNC)Prometheus2400.0
PolandPSNC (PSNC)Eagle1380.0
PolandWCSS (PSNC)Bem640.0
SlovakiaCCSAS (CCSAS)Aurel128.0
SwedenPDC (SNIC)Beskow1973.0
The NetherlandsSURFsara (SURFsara)Cartesius1843.0
United KingdomEPCC (EPCC)ARCHER2550.5

The different HPC systems are connected via a dedicated PRACE VPN.