Benchmark Suites

The Unified European Application Benchmark Suite (UEABS) is a set of currently 13 application codes taken from the pre-existing PRACE and DEISA application benchmark suites, and extended with the PRACE Accelerator Benchmark Suite. The objective is providing a single benchmark suite of scalable, currently relevant and publicly available application codes and datasets, of a size which can realistically be run on large systems, and maintained into the future.

The UEABS activity was started during the PRACE-PP project and was publicly released by the PRACE-2IP project.
The PRACE “Accelerator Benchmark Suite” was a PRACE-4IP activity.
The UEABS has been and will be actively updated and maintained by the subsequent PRACE-IP projects.

Each application code has either one, or two input datasets. If there are two datasets, Test Case A is designed to run on Tier-1 sized systems (up to around 1,000 x86 cores, or equivalent) and Test Case B is designed to run on Tier-0 sized systems (up to around 10,000 x86 cores, or equivalent). If there is only one dataset (Test Case A), it is suitable for both sizes of system.