PRACE Best Practice Guides

PRACE Application Enabling and Support’ activities provides applications enabling and technical services for HPC applications codes that are important for European academic and/or industrial researchers to ensure that these applications can effectively exploit current and future HPC systems.

Beyond directly working on improving applications and libraries, one of the main objectives of the Work Package is to support European HPC research communities through the provision of Best Practice Guides, benchmarks, and technical results in White Papers.

The successful series of Best Practice Guides was initiated in PRACE-1IP and has been continuously extended since then. Topics for these Best Practice Guides include:

  • A short description of the processor architecture
  • Optimal porting of applications (e.g. choice of numerical libraries and compiler options)
  • Architecture specific optimisation and scaling techniques
  • Optimal system environment (e.g. tuneable system parameters, job placement and optimised system libraries)
  • Debugging tools
  • Performance analysis tools
  • Programming environments

Details of European Workshops On HPC Infrastructures can be found here.

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