PRACE Announces Summer Of HPC 2019 Award Winners!

Serge Bogaerts, PRACE Managing Director was delighted to give the PRACE Summer of HPC Awards 2019 to Benjamin Huth and Pablo Lluch for their exceptional performance and outreach during their participation in the Summer of HPC 2019. The Award Ceremony was held on Wednesday 6 November 2019 at the PRACE office in Brussels, Belgium.

I am always surprised to see what can be done over the summer with mentoring and enthusiasm demonstrated by all participants. On top of this, both award winners showed outstanding performance and passion for HPC. We are proud to promote their achievements and hope to be a flip decision for them and many others to pursue their STEM career path with HPC.

Leon Kos, Coordinator of the SoHPC programme.

The two winners 2019, Benjamin Huth and Pablo Lluch presented their SoHPC experience and their videos at the ceremony along with the presentation of Leon Kos.

Each winner received a voucher of € 1 500 for attending an HPC conference of their choice, and an engraved glass trophy.

PRACE Summer of HPC 2019 Best Performance Award

Benjamin Huth

Benjamin surpassed expectations while working on an interesting project, and carrying out more work than planned. Mostly with no assistance, he carried out benchmarking analysis to compare different programming frameworks. His report was well written in a clear and scientific style.

PRACE Summer of HPC 2019 HPC Ambassador Award

Pablo Lluch Romero

Pablo carried out a great amount of work during his project. More importantly, he has the capacity to clearly present his project to laypersons and the general public. His blog posts were interesting, and his video was professionally created and presented his summer project in a captivating and pleasant way.