PRACE SHAPE and NEXIO SIMULATION: Amping up electromagnetic modelling


NEXIO SIMULATION is a French SME and subsidiary of Nexio Group, develops electromagnetic simulation software called CAPITOLE-EM to study the electromagnetic behaviour of any product during the design process, before the manufacturing phase. After a first step performed locally in France using the HPC-PME initiative, their PRACE SHAPE Project has allowed them by accessing to HPC resources and expertise in HPC and numerical simulation to jump from a personal computer version of this software to an HPC version.

Electromagnetic simulation is more frequently used these days, due to the increase of communicating devices such as mobile phones, modems, etc. Studying the effects of interferences between pieces of equipment becomes essential for large industrial companies in aeronautics, space, automotive, etc. to improve the performances of the transmitting and receiving systems or antennas.

NEXIO SIMULATION proposes solutions for electromagnetic simulation problems with larger frequencies and model dimensions that lead to linear systems with millions of unknowns: one of the biggest challenges that researchers in this field encounter. Such solutions call for special numerical techniques which are able to highly reduce the numerical effort and complexity of the solution as well as the necessary used memory.

“These techniques are usually based both in physical and mathematical properties. However, there is a certain point where these methods are not enough and we need to add some more gain. There it enters the era of parallelization and HPC systems. Parallel codes can extremely reduce computational times if they have a good scalability with the number of cores. Getting to an efficient and optimized parallel code requires some expertise and resources which are hard to reach for a SME,” says Pascal de Resseguier of NEXIO SIMULATION. “We expect that half of the future sales of CAPITOLE-EM will come from the HPC-version developed through this SHAPE Project.”


Classical set-up for an antenna placement problem. Several position configurations are analyzed obtaining the radiation pattern and input impedance in the presence of the plane © NEXIO SIMULATION

The results of the project were presented during the SHAPE parallel track of PRACEdays14


Project details

Leader: Mr Pascal de Resseguier, NEXIO SIMULATION – Nexio Group, France
Collaborators: Dr José Maria Tamayo-Palau, NEXIO SIMULATION – Nexio Group, France; Nicolas Mignerey, GENCI, France; Raymond Namyst, Inria, France
Research field: Engineering and Energy
Resource awarded: 200,000 core hours on MareNostrum @ BSC, Spain


Since 2005, NEXIO SIMULATION develops simulation software in electromagnetism. CAPITOLE-EM software is the result a of long experience gained thanks to research projects in many industrial fields such as defence, aerospace, space, marine, etc. It offers outstanding performance in terms of speed and memory space saving, which allows an easy use by everyone, and especially for SMEs. NEXIO SIMULATION joined NEXIO Group ( in 2012, specialized in electromagnetic compatibility. NEXIO SIMULATION becomes the Simulation Software cluster of the Group and allows pooling expertise to provide a range of comprehensive solutions.

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