RIST, PRACE and XSEDE concluded MoU



RIST, PRACE and XSEDE concluded memorandum of understanding on information exchange concerning promotion of use of advanced research computing

On 4 April 2017, the Research Organization for Information Science and Technology (RIST) (President: Masahiro Seki), the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) (Managing Director: Serge Bogaerts) and the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) (Principal Investigator: John Towns) concluded the memorandum of understanding (hereinafter called MOU) on information exchange concerning promotion of use of advanced research computing. The MOU between RIST, PRACE and XSEDE will strengthen and deepen their co-operation at the international level and reinforce the advanced research computing ecosystem.

RIST is promoting shared use of the K computer and other HPCI computer systems in Japan, PRACE provides a federated European supercomputing infrastructure on Tier-0 resources in Europe and XSEDE is a socio-technical platform that integrates and coordinates advanced digital services within the national ecosystem to support contemporary science in the United States.

As it is extremely beneficial for the three parties to exchange information in the area of promotion of shared use of advanced research computing resources and services, an MOU with following elements has been agreed upon:

  • Exchange of information: Mutual exchange of experiences and knowledge in user selection and user support etc. is helpful for the three parties in order to execute their projects more effectively and efficiently.
  • Interaction amongst the staff of the parties in pursuing any identified collaboration opportunities: Due to the complex and international nature of science, engineering and analytics challenge problems that require highly advanced computing solutions, collaborative support between RIST, PRACE and XSEDE will enhance the productivity of globally distributed research teams.
  • Holding technical meetings: Technical meetings will be held to support cross organizational information exchange and collaboration.

On 17 May 2017, a ceremony was held at the PRACE Scientific and Industrial Conference, PRACEdays17 (May 16-18, Barcelona, Spain). The representatives of each party gave presentations in celebration of the signing of this MOU.

Full details of the MOU can be found in the document below.

From left to right: John Towns, XSEDE – Masahiro Seki, RIST – Anwar Osseyran, PRACE

This article was first published on www.prace-ri.eu on Wednesday 17 May 2017.


The mission of PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) is to enable high-impact scientific discovery and engineering research and development across all disciplines to enhance European competitiveness for the benefit of society. 

PRACE seeks to realise this mission by offering world class computing and data management resources and services through a peer review process. 

PRACE aisbl is funded by the PRACE Members The Implementation Phase of PRACE receives funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (2014-2020).

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