European HPC support for SMEs

SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe

PRACE’s programme to getting SMEs onto the HPC ladder

Free of charge


Performance Optimisation and Productivity

Optimised codes for advanced HPC use

Free of charge

Connects business with cutting-edge technologies


European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications

Access and support to advanced HPC for engineering SMEs



SHAPE – PRACE’s programme to getting SMEs onto the HPC ladder. Free of charge

SHAPE (SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe) is free of charge and offers European SMEs assistance in getting on the HPC ladder. Successful applicants receive effort from a PRACE expert, and time on PRACE hardware.

Visit the SHAPE webpage


POP – optimised codes for advanced HPC use. Free of charge

POP provides performance optimisation and productivity services for academic and industrial codes. POP analyses existing parallel applications and audits their performance, suggesting approaches to address any issues found. Similar to SHAPE, the services offered are available at no cost to commercial organisations in the EU, but the nature of their service is such that it is aimed at SMEs and larger companies with codes already parallelised, as opposed to the first-timers SHAPE is targeted at.

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FF4EuroHPC​ – Connects business with cutting-edge technologies. Free of charge

The FF4EuroHPC project is continuing the previously successful FORTISSIMO mission to support the uptake of industrial use of HPC by SMEs in Europe. Within the FF4EuroHPC project, European SMEs can develop unique products, innovative business opportunities and become more competitive by using European high-end HPC services. Through the project, two open calls are offered targeting the highest quality experiments involving innovative, agile SMEs. When the experiment is successfully concluded, it is resulting in a success story, presenting the results and benefits gained and inspiring the Industry community.

Visit the FF4EuroHPC website


EXCELLERAT – specialised access and support to advanced HPC for engineering SMEs and industries. Pay-Per-Use

A European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications. EXCELLERAT supports several key engineering industries in Europe in dealing with complex applications using HPC technologies. It conducts research, provides leadership, guidance on good practice and user support mechanisms as well as training and networking activities to our community. EXCELLERAT’s goal is to help Europe leverage scientific progress in HPC-driven engineering and address current economic and societal challenges. The Centre is an initiative of several European High Performance Computing Centres.
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Visit the EXCELLERAT website