SHAPE Access: The Evaluation Process

The SHAPE submission and evaluation process is composed of the following major steps.

  • The SHAPE Call is launched. There is a form to be filled in (by the SME, although assistance from PRACE is available) which can be completed online or downloaded and submitted via email – the form contains suggestions and information on how to complete it.
  • The Call closes: The applications are reviewed by the SHAPE review panel (see below).
  • Recommendations: The review panel makes their recommendations on which projects to approve, and the PRACE Board of Directors ratifies this.
  • Pairing: the successful projects are matched to PRACE partners who have effort available and relevant expertise.
  • Machine time: with help from the PRACE partner the SME applies for machine time on an appropriate system – this is usually via Preparatory Access type D, but other arrangements are possible where agreements can be reached between the PRACE partner and the SME.
  • Coordination: The SME and PRACE partner do the project work, and the SHAPE coordinator monitors progress.

The membership of the SHAPE review panel will vary with each call mainly due to availability, but typically it is composed of the following:

  • One member from the PRACE Industry Advisory Committee
  • Two Business Development Officers
  • One member from the PRACE Peer Review Team
  • Two members representing the PRACE applications enabling workpackage
  • One member representing the PRACE Preparatory Access team

The criteria used in the review process are as follows:

  • Fit with the goals of SHAPE
  • Strength of the business case
  • Other aspects considered

The applications are reviewed and ranked according to these criteria, then the final recommendations are put forward to the PRACE Board of Directors for approval.