Project Access: Information for Applicants

Application Guide

PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe provides access to world class computing and data management resources and services. The resources are accessible to applicants with successful proposals submitted in response to Calls for Proposals. The “Guide for Applicants to Tier-0 Resources” provides detailed information on preparing applications to Tier-0 resources and the Peer Review that follows the submission. Post Award obligations include a final report and acknowledgement of PRACE support.

This document below is mainly a compilation of information that is also available directly on the PRACE website. Its main purpose is to provide this information in a single, printable document. It is structured as follows.

Section 2 contains an overview of the PRACE Peer Review, its underlying principles, and the phases of the process: technical and scientific assessment, right to reply.

Section 3 summarises the prioritisation and resource allocation that follows the review. It also explains the different types of access that PRACE is granting: Preparatory access and Project access, both single and multi-year.

Annex 4 provides information for successful applicants such as obligations for awardees.

Annex 5 contains information for the scientific reviewer. While this is targeted towards the reviewers, it may also be useful for applicants and is therefore included here.

It is of utmost importance to note that this Guide for Applicants is not the only source of information that an applicant needs to consult to write eligible and successful proposals. The following information is also essential:

  • Call for Proposals. This page provides a list of open calls, and for each call a document defining the scope of the call, available systems and resources, eligibility criteria, specific information for applicants and deadlines
  • PRACE Resources. This page includes more information about the Tier-0 systems
  • Online proposal submission, accessible through the PRACE Peer-Review Tool. This set of web-forms allows you to create, edit and submit applications. Make sure to carefully read and follow the instructions on this webpage and to provide all mandatory information (marked with an asterisk *). Applicants are strongly encouraged to create a proposal as early as possible and closely look at what is requested, since it may take some time to prepare or gather part of that information. Please note that a proposal has to be submitted before the call deadline to be included in the peer review process. Only proposals submitted online before the closing of the call are considered in the peer review process.