Invitation to submit Requests for Interoperable Support Services between PRACE, XSEDE and RIST by collaborating teams

The PRACE Board of Directors, the XSEDE Senior Management Team and the RIST Kobe Centre are now inviting requests from new or established collaborative teams spanning Europe, the U.S.A, and/or Japan whose research could be accelerated by coordinated access to staff expertise and/or high-end HPC resources from PRACE, XSEDE and RIST.

In 2017, these three parties signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on information exchange to promote the use of advanced research computing. In line with the objectives of this Memorandum, PRACE, XSEDE and RIST will provide coordinated support to research teams, spanning two or all three of the infrastructures, to facilitate the effective and efficient use of resources in pursuit of their research objectives.

In this initial opportunity, research teams can request staff support services from all three organizations as well as small-scale allocations on resources available via PRACE and XSEDE. We expect that awards from this opportunity will be used to help the teams prepare for future larger-scale allocation proposals.

For more information, please see the full call text below, the PRACE press release and details on the XSEDE website.