HPC Access

The PRACE Research Infrastructure (RI) provides access to distributed persistent pan-European world-class HPC computing and data management systems and services. The main “Tier-0” systems offered by PRACE Hosting Members can be found on the HPC Systems page.

Access to these systems is available through Calls for Proposals of the four different access types offered by PRACE as listed below.

For each of these access types, we explain how users can apply, how our review process works, and what is expected of awarded projects. We also provide details of projects awarded computing time in previous Calls highlighting Success Stories for each access type.

PRACE currently welcomes project proposals requesting computing resources to contribute to the mitigation of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This Call for Proposals will follow a Fast Track review process to provide swift feedback to the applicants.

Before applying, you should decide which type of access is most suitable for your needs. PRACE has 4 different HPC access types:

Project access

PRACE Project Access is the access to PRACE Tier-0 HPC systems for projects that use previously tested codes with demonstrated high scalability and optimisation.

Suitable for
Established Tier-0 users

Preparatory Access

The objective of PRACE Preparatory Access is to allow PRACE users to optimise, scale and test codes on PRACE Tier-0 systems before applying to PRACE Calls for Proposals for Project Access.

Suitable for
Users who are preparing for PRACE Project Access

SHAPE Access

SHAPE aims to help SMEs benefit from the expertise and knowledge developed within the PRACE RI.

Suitable for
SMEs with the potential of using HPC.

DECI Access

DECI provides Tier-1 users access to supercomputing architectures from another European country for smaller-scale projects.

Suitable for
Smaller-scale projects that do not require Tier-0 systems