Preparatory Access Success Stories

Preparatory Access Success Stories

Cosmic Simulation: Where no Supercomputer has gone before.

Simulating the Universe from its birth to present day – no, not on a holo-deck or in a computer game, but through a high-fidelity model on Europe’s most powerful supercomputers – is what Prof. Volker Springel and his team at the Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, Germany, have been using an allocation of 20 million core hours on the French Tier-0 system CURIE for.

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Preparatory Access Success Stories

Advanced tools to design future jet engines

Increasingly stringent requirements for energy efficiency and noise reduction in jet engines are tightening the screw in their development and design. Cenaero, an applied research centre for modeling and numerical simulation, is developing new methods that will help in designing high-performance jet engines. Cenaero was granted access to PRACE resources in PRACE Preparatory Access for an industrial pilot project “noFUDGE”.

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