EuroHPC Benchmark and Development Access: Information for Applicants

The purpose of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (JU) Benchmark and Development Access calls is to support researchers and HPC application developers by giving them the opportunity to develop, test and optimise their applications on the upcoming/available EuroHPC Pre-exascale and/or Petascale system prior to applying for an Extreme Scale and/or Regular project. Proposals can be submitted at any time (continuously open). The review takes place after a fixed date every month (referred as cut-off date). The goals of each of the two access modes are:

  • Benchmark calls are designed for code scalability tests, the outcome of which is to be included in the proposal in a future EuroHPC Extreme Scale and Regular call. Users receive a limited number of node hours; the maximum allocation period is three (3) months.
  • Development calls are designed for projects focusing on code and algorithm development and optimisation. This can be in the context of research projects from academia or industry, or as part of large public or private funded initiatives as for instance Centres of Excellence or Competence Centres. Users will typically be allocated a small number of node hours; the allocation period is one (1) year and is renewable up to 2 times.

The Call for Proposals for Benchmark and Development Access Modes are continuously open, with a maximum time-to-resources-access (start-date) of two (2) weeks after the cut-off date.

Various systems will be available in each cut-off for the different Benchmark & Development Access modes. The exact amount of available node hours is subject to the EuroHPC systems participating in a given call and will be announced prior to the cut-off dates. For the first cut-off period the resources available for the Vega system are shown in the table below.

For the first cut-off period the total resources available for all applications are shown in the table below. Proposals should indicate in the description the amount of resources requested per system/partition.

 Node hoursCore hoursNode hoursCore hours
Vega CPU Standard7 000896 00015 0001 920 000
Vega CPU Large Memory2 500320 0005 000640 000
Vega GPU1 000128 0003 000384 000

Submission of proposals are possible at any time via the PRACE Peer-Review Tool for Preparatory Access.

Eligibility Criteria

Researchers from academia, research institutes, public authorities and industry established or located in a Member State or in a country associated to Horizon 2020 are eligible to apply.

Researchers from public research organisations are eligible to apply as long as the project leader has an employment contract with her/his institution valid for at least 3 months after the end of the allocation period.

Researchers from private companies are eligible to apply when the following criteria are fulfilled:

    1. The company has its head office or substantial Research and Development (R&D) activity in EU Member State or in a Country affiliated to Horizon 2020 program.
    2. The project leader has an employment contract with the organisation valid for at least 3 months after the end of the allocation period.
    3. Resources awarded are devoted solely for open Research and Development (R&D) purposes.

Assessment Criteria

Proposals for EuroHPC JU Benchmark and Development Access Modes will first undergo a technical assessment executed by the hosting entity experts. The assessment will evaluate the pertinence and feasibility of the request for the targeted system.

Applicants must provide a detailed description of the challenges hindering the scalability of the code to higher computing performances, so as to facilitate the technical assessment. In addition to this, a clear plan for code development must be proposed and the available human resources and expertise (available and/or required) to execute this planning must be quantified.

Please refer to the EuroHPC JU Access Policy and Benchmark and Development calls page for the conditions and criteria applied to the calls.