PRACE Announces Summer of HPC 2018 Award Winners!

“SoHPC is the first step of PRACE’s commitment in fostering HPC, in training HPC specialists, and promoting simulation science. The systems we provide are important, but at the same level, or even more important for PRACE, is the training programme.” stated Florian Berberich (Project Management Officer of the PRACE Implementation Phase (IP) Projects).

“PRACE wishes to inspire and encourage the next generation of software engineers, system administrators and generate users of HPC systems, in order to keep Europe at the forefront of supercomputing.” said Leon Kos (Coordinator of the SoHPC within the 5th PRACE IP Project).

From left to right: Florian Berberich, Conor O’Mara, Sukhminder Singh, Ivo Kabadshow

This year’s winners, Conor O’Mara and Sukhminder Singh, who presented their SoHPC experience at the ceremony along with the presentations of Florian Berberich (Project Management Officer of the PRACE Implementation Phase (IP) Projects) and Ivo Kabadshow (JSC Coordinator of SoHPC).

Conor and Sukhminder received a voucher of € 1 500 for attending an HPC conference of their choice along with a massive 1.5kg glass trophy each.

From the left: Conor O’Mara, Sukhminder Singh

PRACE Summer of HPC 2018 Best Performance Award

Sukhminder Singh

Sukhminder excelled in a useful and technically demanding project and presented his work in a confident manner. His blog posts and project video were well prepared and aimed to attract people and educate them about HPC systems.

PRACE Summer of HPC 2018 HPC Ambassador Award

Conor O’Mara

Conor has worked well on his project and has shown a genuine desire to tell people about HPC in a clear scientific and comprehensive manner. He was an active blogger, telling us about his project and time at EPCC, Edinburg. Furthermore, his project video was well presented and understandable.