PRACE Announces Summer of HPC 2013 Award Winners!

On 2 December 2013, Dr. Sergi Girona, chair of the PRACE Board of Directors, presented awards to two exceptional students in recognition of their outstanding performance on the PRACE Summer of HPC. Vito Simonka (University of Maribor, Slovenia) was named HPC Ambassador and Niki Loppi (Aalto University, Finland) received the award for Best Visualisation.

As part of the SoHPC programme, the twenty-four participants competed for two prizes – Best Visualisation and HPC Ambassador. The awards were presented by Dr. Sergi Girona, Chair of the PRACE Board of Directors, at an Awards Ceremony on 2 December 2013 at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), Barcelona, Spain.

I am very satisfied with the results of the PRACE Summer of HPC 2013,” said Dr. Girona.

Vito Simonka, Dr. Sergi Girona and Niki Loppi in front of the MareNostrum supercomputer at BSC, Spain.

PRACE Summer of HPC 2013 Best Visualisation Award

Niki Loppi – The Aerodynamic Modelling of Supermarine Spitfire

The Best Visualisation Award was awarded to Niki Loppi who completed the best visualisation during his placement in Czech Republic, as judged by the SoHPC Award Adjudication panel.

Niki currently studies aeronautical engineering and fluid dynamics at Aalto University School of Engineering. He is in his fifth year of studies and will start his Master’s thesis in the summer of 2014.

The Summer of HPC combines learning and having fun. Working in a foreign research environment was an amazing experience and it definitely made eager to work abroad again.

You can watch his video presentation below.

PRACE Summer of HPC 2013 HPC Ambassador Award

Vito Simonka – Fractal zoom Mandelbrot set

The PRACE HPC Ambassador Award was awarded to Vito Simonka, who spent the Summer of HPC at BSC, Spain and best embodied the outreach spirit of the programme, based on his blogging, media and social media presence, and future outreach plans.

Vito studies at University of Maribor, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Physics. He is in his second master year of BioPhysics, Dynamical and Complex Systems. Short and sweet, Vito called the Summer of HPC “a life-changing experience”.

You can watch his video presentation below.

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