Diversity & Inclusivity

PRACE recognises that enabling equal opportunity and participation is vital to enhance competitiveness, and to overcome narrow perspective, such as unconcious bias and stereotypes. Inclusivity and diversity are essential to healthy work places where everyone feels safe to be their authentic self. We are convinced that diversity and inclusivity create a stronger HPC community.

PRACE has already taken several initiatives to promote diversity and inclusivity

  • Since 2016, PRACE presents its PRACE Ada Lovelace Award for HPC to a young female scientist who is making an outstanding contribution to and impact on HPC and can serve as a role-model for others. With this award PRACE works towards enhancing the visibility of female scientists and their achievements in HPC highlighting the contribution of formidable women to the success of supercomputing. The award was recognised by HPCwire at SC19 with their Workforce Diversity Leadership Award.
  • The special edition of the PRACE Digest (2015) celebrated the contribution of women to the world of HPC and computational science. By showcasing the scientific achievements and talent of 15 female researchers who are already at the forefront in HPC, PRACE invited its readers to join in challenging stereotypes and helping realise a vision of diversity and equal opportunity in HPC.
  • The PRACE Women in HPC Magazine was also published in 2015. The publication put the spotlight on the scientific advances made by women in HPC — from showing quarks and gluons visible in action to more efficient solar technology or the fight against cancer. By publishing the first magazine of its kind in supercomputing worldwide, PRACE has been leading the way to highlight the contribution women make in this field.
  • Sessions at the PRACE Scientific and Industrial Conference (PRACEdays) and various other events.

PRACE is proud to be an Affiliate Member of Women in HPC

The productive and ground-breaking partnership between PRACE and Women in HPC was established in 2014 and continues to this day. Women in HPC supports organisations, provides fellowships and creates opportunities for women to network, learn and become stronger.

For more details, and to get involved, visit the Women in HPC website.