Annual Report 2019

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Marjolein Oorsprong
PRACE Communications Officer


Fabio Affinito, CINECA
Evangelia Athanasaki, GRNET
Sanzio Bassini, CINECA
Mauro Bianco, ETH Zurich
Florian Berberich, FZJ
Serge Bogaerts, PRACE aisbl
François Bodin, IRISA
Pascal Bouvry, University of Luxembourg
Mark Bull, UEDIN
Zuzana Cervenkova, IT4Innovations
John Clifford, PRACE aisbl
Stelios Erotokritou, CaSToRC
Jacob Finkenrath, CaSToRC
Paul Gibbon, FZJ

Sergi Girona, BSC
Troels Haugbølle, NBI, KU
Anni Jakobsson, CSC
Chris Johnson, EPCC
Earl Joseph Jordan, KTH
Zoltan Kiss, KIFÜ
Leon Kos, UL
Silke Lang, PRACE aisbl
Tiina Leiponen, CSC
Walter Lioen, SURFsara
Thomas Lippert, FZJ
Martti Louhivuori, CSC
Lee Margetts, University of Manchester

Michal Merta, IT4Innovations
Petia Minkova, NSCA
Cristiano Padrin, CINECA
Oriol Pineda, BSC
Janez Povh, UL
François Robin, CEA
Núria Lopez, ICIQ
Gabriela Scipione, CINECA
Catarina Simões, PRACE aisbl
Alan Simpson, EPCC
Raffaele Solcà, ETH Zurich
Veronica Teodor, FZJ
Volker Weinberg, LRZ
Simon Wong, ICHEC

Article Editor

Harry O’Neill, Insight Media

Project Manager

Lydia Faircloth, Insight Media

Graphic Design

Ellie Mone, Insight Media

Published by Insight Publishers, Bristol, UK

Published: May 2019

ISBN: 9789082942224