CERN, SKAO, GÉANT and PRACE to collaborate on high-performance computing

Today, four leading research organisations formed a pioneering collaboration that will work to overcome challenges related to the use of high-performance computing (HPC) to support large, data-intensive science projects. The members of the collaboration are CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research; SKAO, the organisation leading the development of the Square Kilometre Array radio-telescope; GÉANT, the pan-European network and services provider for research and education; and PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe.

Scientists provide the first full view into an aircraft engine

Fluid dynamics simulations are a valuable tool for improving the design of aircraft engines and rendering them more efficient. Now, a team of researchers has built the first high-fidelity simulation of a full aircraft engine including several coupled engine components — a milestone that provides insights into the interactions between the individual components and will help to improve future simulations.