PRACE Council welcomes a new Chair and Vice- Chair

At the 37th PRACE Council Meeting on 17 June 2020 – which was held remotely to account for the travel restrictions and physical distancing rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic – the PRACE Members elected a new Chair and Vice-Chair. The new incumbents will fulfil their mandates for two years.

The net is closing: PRACE awards ten further projects in the hunt for a cure for COVID-19

The EU’s war against COVID-19 continues and PRACE awarded another ten projects with a total of 227 578 000 core hours under the Fast Track Call for Proposals to support the mitigation of the impact of the pandemic. With the accumulation of knowledge about this novel coronavirus, scientists are discovering new possibilities and tools to exploit its weaknesses and PRACE offers the most powerful supercomputers for their breakthroughs.

Scientists harness computing power to design the perfect bridge

Scientists at the Technology University of Denmark have reinvented the design of suspension bridges. Their novel concept not only enables much longer bridge spans but also reduces the amount of building material — and with this the environmental impact of the construction.