PRACE awards 35 million core hours in newly created ‘PRACE Industry Access Track’

The ‘PRACE Industry Access Track’ represents a new chapter in the evolution of PRACE as a major partner in Europe supporting excellence in research through HPC. Historically rooted in science with billions of core hours awarded since 2010, PRACE continues to widen its scope to foster the inclusion of purely industrial applications in its 19th Call for Proposals for Project Access, reserving 10% of the total resources in each Call.

PRACE SHAPE Programme supports five further SMEs

PRACE is very pleased to announce that, following the 9th Call for applications to SHAPE, five more SMEs will be able to start working with PRACE to gain access to HPC expertise and resources, expand their HPC experience and ultimately enhance their business. Of these five SMEs, one is from Poland and one from Luxembourg, both countries new to SHAPE. Two of the projects are from start-up companies.

HPC pushes cryptography beyond Moore

Two records in RSA factorisation were achieved through HPC and with the support of PRACE, going above and beyond Moore’s law.